Nov 6, 2014

Canal Plastics Center

Earlier this year Pearl Paint on Canal Street closed. I was really depressed about that and thought, thank goodness we still have Canal Plastics. They have been around for decades and are one of those businesses you can only imagine in New York City.
Next time you renovate your apartment or work on an art project, just go, they have tons of things you did not know you needed. Like maybe a neon yellow back splash for the kitchen anybody??

Sep 24, 2014

People at the Climate March

Sunday's Climate March in Manhattan was an incredible event. Over 300 000 people marched to demand action. I had to take some portraits.......
The lady in the yellow suit jacket is Zephyr Teachout who just ran against Andrew Cuomo for the
nomination for governor of New York. The gentleman in the second to last image in the lavender colored shirt is a scientist who works with Focus Fusion.

Sep 15, 2014

Fashion Shoot for Kurt and his Kind

A few months ago I had the pleasure to do a shoot for the brand new Men's Wear Company
Kurt And His Kind. Modeling was Tyler James from Q Management.

Jun 12, 2014

Football shop in San Diego

Last year I met this truly international soccer fan in his cool little shop in San Diego.
It's amazing how you can make instant friends anywhere just by chatting about football. May the best team win at the World Cup!!!!

Apr 23, 2014

Andy's Dress Forms

Andy's Dress Forms is tucked away in the back of the building of 254 West 35th Street.
Rohan the owner is doing this work for more than 30 years and his is the only place left in the New York City Garment Center that makes these custom forms from scratch out of paper mache.

Mar 5, 2014

Alex' Musical Instruments

Alex Carozza has one of the best repair shops for musical instruments in the world. He is a master repairman and technician and his specialty is the customization and restoration of accordions. He works out of his store which is on the old music row on 48th street. The Accordion Showroom is on the second floor where you can find an antique collection and Bell Accordions  which is Alex’s company. On the third floor is the workshop. Originally from Italy, he moved to Argentina as a young man and eventually found his way to New York. He speaks four languages which helps with the musicians that visit from all over the world. One of his customers is legendary PelĂ©!!  He stops by occasionally to buy guitar strings..... Alex is joined in the workshop by master guitar luthier Pasquale Ficocecco. The two men met in Argentina and have worked together for six decades. Another legend related to the store is Carlo Greco  who made custom handmade guitars. These guys made Eric Clapton a custom double neck guitar,  Frank Sinatra used to rent Alex' office once in a while.  Alex has a million stories, too many for this site. Maybe just visit his store.....    165 West 48th Street.